Meet The Founder

Mr. Paarthav Desai

Leading strategic initiatives and serving as our customs expert at One World Cargo, Mr. Paarthav Ketan Desai is the driving force behind our deeply knowledge based approach to the cargo industry. With a rich academic background and a relentless commitment to improving the cargo journeys, his visionary leadership has transformed One World Cargo into a dynamic and sought-after entity in the world of Customs Brokers.

Mr. Paarthav navigates the complexities of the industry with a solution-oriented mindset. His keen insights, expansive networks, and clarity of thought have made One World Cargo synonymous with intelligent and dependable solutions. Whether tackling challenges in custom clearance, optimizing logistics, or streamlining freight forwarding, his leadership ensures that our firm is not just a service provider but a trailblazer in overcoming trade obstacles.

Mr. Paarthav's commitment to client-first belief has played a pivotal role in the success of our consignments, facilitating the smooth logistics of large and critical shipments across various sectors. His strategic decisions, guided by a passion for efficiency, have positioned One World Cargo at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for speed and efficacy.

Hailing from a family with a 35-year legacy in customs clearance, his father, Mr. Ketan Desai, serves as the Joint President of the Brihanmumbai Custom Broker Association, casting a profound influence on our founder. This legacy not only shapes Mr. Paarthav's unique lineage but also grants us unparalleled leverage through inherited extensive networks, spanning nationwide brokers, logistics companies, and various export-import organizations.

In 2019, he actively engaged in intricate projects, demonstrating his proficiency in managing significant and valuable shipments with consistent success. These ventures presented diverse challenges, showcasing his precision and expertise in navigating complex logistics scenarios.

The pivotal moment arrived in 2021 when he played a vital role in distributing crucial medical supplies, including the efficient handling of shipments containing Remdesivir and Oxygen Cylinders generously donated by the Indian Red Cross. His adept management ensured the swift and effective delivery of these life-saving supplies, in the midst of this he recognized the profound impact of in-depth customs knowledge, and the ability to solve problems of cargo shipments.

The experience revealed to him the transformative potential within the industry by ensuring cargo clearances are faster, smoother, and safer.

Moreover, he grasped the domino effect customs clearances have on various facets of an industry's operations and supply chain. Understanding that disturbances in customs reverberate across the entire supply chain, he made the decisive choice to step into the field of the cargo industry.

Subsequently in 2023, Mr. Paarthav achieved yet another milestone, becoming the youngest candidate to successfully clear the CBLR examination. Now, equipped with unmatched expertise, extensive networks, and a lineage of skills in the cargo industry, he stands ready to assist others with their cargo needs, steering One World Cargo toward new heights of success.