• Customs Excellence: Beyond Boundaries

    Optimised Cargo Solution can reduce transportation, storage, and inventory costs, leading to higher profitability.

  • Efficiency in Motion, Customs in Action

    Timely deliveries, accurate order fulfillment, and proper handling of goods contribute to customer satisfaction.

  • Mastering Movement, Defining Customs

    Well managed customs clearance can provide a competitive edge by offering faster delivery, better service, and lower costs.

  • Crafting Connections, One Mile at a Time

    Our commitment lies in crafting seamless customs solutions, ensuring that each mile traveled is a testament to the efficiency and reliability we bring to our clients.

Our Vision
To be the trusted partner in clearing cargo across customs, creating a world where international trade is at your fingertips. We aspire to make trade easy, smooth, and sustainable, ensuring businesses succeed with our expert and transparent services.
Our Mission
To use expert knowledge to revolutionize international trade. We guide clients through customs, shipping, and supply chain enhancements, providing domain-specific clearances.
Our Commitment
To deliver fair, clear, and ethical trade solutions, overcoming challenges in customs clearance and facilitating global expansion for our clients.
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India's leading customs broker

Choose confidence in customs compliance – choose One World Cargo for a world of hassle-free logistics solutions. One World Cargo isn't just a logistics hub; we're a firm where every shipment becomes an opportunity to showcase our unparalleled service and precision in every logistical endeavor.

With robust experiences of clearing customs of international interests, delivering important shipments throughout the country, Import and export of vital consignments; One World Cargo has become a trusted brand for any and all custom compliances and value added services. With our Founder and Team's deep knowledge and widespread resources, we persevere to deliver the best solutions.

With us, your cargo doesn't just move; it embarks on a journey of sophistication. Welcome to One World Cargo, where logistics isn't just a service but a refined, elevated, and a seamless experience.

  • Global Expertise in Customs Compliance
  • End-to-End Logistics Solutions
  • Trusted Partner for Value-Added Services
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People frequently asked
few questions

  • 1. Who is a Customs Broker?
    A Customs Broker means a person licensed under CBLR,2018 to act as an agent on behalf of importer or exporter for the purposes of transacting business related to import or export of goods at Customs Station.
  • 2. How can hiring a customs broker benefit my business?
    Hiring a customs broker is like having a skilled guide on your business journey. They bring a wealth of experience to tackle customs intricacies, reducing the stress of compliance. This not only saves you time but also shields your business from unexpected hiccups, making your trade ventures more efficient and cost-effective.
  • 3. How can a customs broker prevent delay in clearance of goods?
    Customs brokers are your proactive troubleshooters. Their extensive knowledge enables them to foresee potential bottlenecks. From meticulous documentation to timely submissions, they take preemptive actions, ensuring your goods clear customs smoothly and without any unnecessary delays.
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  • Dedicated Professionalism:
  • We are committed to the art of customs, ensuring a steadfast dedication to elevate your cargo transportation experience. We bring a wealth of experience and deep knowledge expertise to meticulously manage cargo journeys.

  • Customer-First Approach:
  • Our approach revolves around the customer. We invest time and effort to understand your needs, leveraging our deep knowledge of customs and cargo. Informed decisions, timely deliverables, and a transparent process are at the core of our commitment to your satisfaction.

  • Legacy of Expertise:
  • With a family legacy of 35 years in customs clearance we bring forth a unique advantage leveraging extensive networks nationwide, forming the backbone of our operations.

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Showcasing Milestones

Our Certifications

Mr. Paarthav Ketan Desai, our founder, stands as a testament to intellect and determination,
being the youngest to pass the challenging 'Regulation 6 exam under Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations, 2018.'
His background in B.Pharm and an MBA adds valuable expertise to our service.

CB License

Approved By the Indian Customs
Indian Customs

Member of BCBA

Brihanmumbai Custom Brokers Association of Custom House Agents.

Member of FFFAI

Federation of Freight Forwarders' Associations in India


Passed Regulation 6 Exam Under CBLR, 2018 Conducted By NACIN
DGR CAT-I Certificate Approved By The DGCA
Unleashing New Heights In Cargo Safety, Successfully Completed DGR Category-I Training conducted by TIRWIN

FSSAI & ITCFSAN Certificate

Successfully Completed The Training On Understanding Food Regulations In India Conducted By ITCFSAN