Customs Broker

Customs Broker (Air & Sea)

At One World Cargo, we're your go-to team for top-notch customs brokerage, handling both air and sea shipments. Our dedication to trust, integrity, and quality guarantees a smooth journey for your goods through customs. Our skilled professionals work tirelessly to clear your imports and exports efficiently and in full compliance with regulations. We get it—dealing with customs procedures can be a bit of a maze. That's why, with One World Cargo, you can be confident that your cargo is in capable hands. Our teamwork ethos propels us to secure the best outcomes for our clients, ensuring your shipments face no unnecessary hiccups. We're all about simplifying the customs process, making sure your goods reach their destination seamlessly.

Our customs brokerage services are fine-tuned to match the distinct needs of your business. We get that every company and shipment has its own story. By collaborating closely with you, we dig deep into your products, supply chain, and business goals. This understanding allows us to whip up custom solutions that fit your needs. With One World Cargo, count on a reliable partner to navigate you through the twists and turns of international customs procedures, saving you time, money, and needless stress. Our commitment to teamwork, integrity, and excellence in customs brokerage ensures your cargo operations run smoothly and stay in line with all the necessary regulations.

We also render value added services in respect of various legal compliances like:
• FSSAI Registration
• Plant Quarantine Registration (PQ) Import Permits
• Sanitary Import Permit from Animal Quarantine (AQ)
• SVB Registration, appearance and closure of cases
• Refunds of SVB Revenue Deposits, Drawbacks, Customs Duty, Octroi.
• RBI approvals
• BIS registration
• Electronics and IT goods compulsory product approval and registration
• Restricted product Licensing from DGFT